Care Tips
  • Hairstyles can make you or break you! A good hairstyle for you isn’t the one that’s being sported by your favorite actress on some award show. Instead it is the one that goes with your face shape and accentuates your good features while downplaying the less pleasant ones. Customizing an existing hair-style to suit your face can work wonders for you.

  • Trimming is an all important aspect of hair maintenance. One must trim dutifully once in every 6 to 8 weeks. Doing so will not only keep the split ends at bay but it will also help your tresses grow faster and healthier.

  • Fashionable braids and updos a.k.a jooras and buns are latest style mantras. Ask your hairstylist to whip out some trendy braids and buns for you so that you can be the head-turner at your next office party!

  • Do you often notice white trails in your hair even after taking care to color your tresses most scrupulously? That’s because hair coloring can only turn out perfectly when someone else doing it for you and who better than your trusted hairdresser to cover all the grey’s of your mane? Go for ammonia free hair colors for tresses that make you look young without any harm.

  • Often times it is seen that the hair quality goes downhill post re-texturing. To avoid the same use a good quality serum and go for regular spas for hair that has undergone texture enhancement. Lovely hair only comes to the ones who care for it!

  • Fine lines don’t take a lot of time to turn into wrinkles. Pre-mature ageing is something that most women have to suffer from. It is indeed difficult to keep the skin safe against early ageing but it isn’t impossible. Anti ageing face serums are highly recommended. Apart from that going for anti ageing skin treatments can take you many steps closer to getting youthful looking skin.

  • Hair removal creams might give a quick way to get rid of unwanted hair but the fact remains that they cause skin darkening and even rashes. Go for waxing to ensure that your skin remains smooth and even complexioned.

  • Your hands are a mirror to your personal hygiene. We don’t realize this but throughout the day our delicate hands are exposed to a lot of rough usage during household chores like cooking, washing and so on. The little you can do for them is to treat them to a relaxing manicure or a hand spa which will restore your hands to its former softness; making them irresistible!

  • Make up opens doors to a lot of possibilities for women. Occasion specific make up is the most fool proof way to look glamorous. Ask your make-up artist to apply nude make up on you for an outing with your lady friends. Stylish party make-up is ideal for those dinner parties and wedding invitations.

  • Do not underestimate the power of a well done bridal make-up. The wedding day is undoubtedly one of the most memorable days in a woman’s life and it’s important that you look stunning on your special day. Plan your look for your wedding day with your bridal make-up artist. Don’t forget the amazing Chandan work to complete the Bengali bride look.